WIFFC believes that the greatness of Wisconsin lies in the character of our people and not in an out of control state or federal government. Our greatest assets are found in the hearts of each individual and are not bestowed on us by the government — simple virtues like faith, a strong work ethic, healthy traditional marriages and families, personal responsibility, and helping the vulnerable among us are just some of what has made our nation a beacon of hope for the world. But, if we lose sight of these values, America’s light will slowly fade to darkness. We are determined to keep that light shining!


 Wisconsin Faith and Freedom Coalition will be distributing voter guides to faith based voter across Wisconsin. If you would like a printable black and white version click here


 Are you registered to vote? How about your family, friends, those you go to church with, check by clicking on Uncle Sam or Here



 Governor Walker discusses how his faith has helped his family on their difficult journey through this recall.


On March 31st over 1,300 grassroots activists gathered in Waukesha, WI at the Wisconsin FFC Presidential Kick-Off to hear from GOP Presidential candidates and other prominent leaders in WI. Not able to attend? Watch the video below to view the entire broadcast from  C-SPAN.


Print this easy to follow guide on what your Church can and cannot do in the political arena.

 Congressman Paul Ryan’s Speech On The Senate Floor Discussing                           Our Nations Federal Debt


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